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   My name is Jaime Luchuck and I hated working for someone else.

  I felt miserable most of the time... like a prisoner, chained to my job as if I were a Slave.... yes, I was a Cubicle Slave. 

   ... you might have some of those same feelings,

        ... like dreading Mondays,

            ... and feeling sorry for yourself...

   Don't you sometimes wonder if it's possible to break free and live your dreams?

   I wondered about it all the time... and then I became a contestant on Joel Comm's "The Next Internet Millionaire" Reality Show.

   My life will never be the same...

   And if you stay with me for the next 3 minutes and 27 seconds that it takes to read this, I'll show you how your life will never be the same either. 

"I Learned Exactly What It Took To
Become an Internet Millionaire..."

During a two-week period, I learned Internet marketing from some of the web's leading experts, including Mark Joyner, Armand Morin, Jeff Walker, 
Perry Marshall, Brad Fallon, and Joel Comm. 

   We're talking about hours and hours of very personalized study where I discovered the incredible possibilities and opportunities that exist for anyone online!

   Armed with a fool-proof strategy for becoming an Internet Millionaire, I took a leap of faith, quit my job, and set my sights on becoming an Internet success story. 

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I Took Really Good Notes...

   In my brand new book, "From Cubicle Slave to Next Internet Millionaire," I recount all of my experiences on the world's first competitive Internet reality show, from audition all the way up to securing a dream joint venture with Joel Comm.

I detail the marketing strategies and techniques that were revealed on location, many which people pay thousands of dollars to acquire! You'll discover insider tips for list-building, copywriting, making videos, branding and much, much more.

I also share my personal near-death experience, as well as all of the life and business lessons that you can immediately use to help you break free from the cubicle and live your dreams! 

"Now, You Don't Have To Endure the Stress..., 
the Grueling Strain... the Mind Torture…"

   It will be different for you...

I had to be smart ... and take really good notes ... and I had to want to 
be an Internet Millionaire. 

   You don't have to take good notes... heck, you don't even have to be smart...

    ...you just have to want to be an Internet Millionaire....that's it!

For about 20 dollars you can learn it all through me and not have to suffer through the competition and sleepless nights.

   By getting "From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire" you'll learn how to develop a future bigger than your past.  You can do it!...especially if you have the guidance I received from some of the best marketers on the planet.  

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Here's What Others Are Saying About
"From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire"...

"Thisstory is about a dream come true…it's the kind of book I love to read. It not only captivated my attention the whole way through, it gave me some fresh insights and ideas that I plan on using for my business."

-- Randy Gilbert, Executive Producer of InsideSuccessRadio.com 

"As director and producer of The Next Internet Millionaire, it was a pleasure to work with Jaime. She came in with zero internet marketing experience, but a passion to learn. Within two weeks she had learned enough to quit her job and become a full time internet entrepreneur. Now she's sharing the secrets she's learned, so that others can quit their day jobs too. Whether you're sick and tired of your job, or if you just want an entertaining (and educational) book, I recommend this book.

-- Eric Holmlund, director of The Next Internet Millionaire

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It Is Almost As REVEALING as Strip Poker...!

   This book is like opening Pandora's box... 

   You'll learn everything, because I took really good notes...

   My journal reveals ALL THE SECRETS ... even the stuff from behind closed doors 

   You'll learn the naked truth...the short cuts

   ...even what was shared when the camera lights were off ... 

   ...even the dirty little tricks Gurus have never revealed before to anyone else (NOT ANYONE!)  

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ALL Of The 'Master Secrets' Are Yours
When You Buy This Book.. 

   In From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire you'll learn the strategies that will take you to whatever income you want to earn...

   Yes, I will reveal everything I learned from the gurus about how they did it…but more importantly, I learned their belief systems.

   The famous Tony Robbins teaches, if you can find out what a person believes, then you can become like that person and share their expertise.

   I paid attention and picked up on more than the strategies…I learned what the Gurus believed about what they did.

"You Must Be Better Than Your 
Competition If You Are to Win"

   You must learn how to truly compete if you are to become an Internet Millionaire.

As you read this book you'll be able to FEEL the competition and then learn from it.  It surrounded us the entire time we were there.

You'll learn ways to overcome the obstacles…

      ...to push past your pain thresholds…

          ...to overcome disappointing setbacks. 

   Not knowing how to handle the pressure of competition is why so many others have failed.

However, you'll have a distinct advantage, because you'll know what to do…

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Here's MORE of What Others Are Saying About
"From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire"...

"This book will help all people who want to take the plunge and leave their day job and Jaime does an amazing job of taking you through the steps to get there as well as keeping you entertained all the way. The behind the scenes stuff was unreal, even I was in the dark on some of those things! All in all a must read for the newbie entrepreneur and even the more advanced ones will learn something. Great information and hard to put down. I have no doubt this will be a bestseller."

-- Carly Taylor, cast member of The Next Internet Millionaire

"When I first saw Jaime Luchuck's audition video, I saw a creative young lady who had the desire to break free from the daily grind. But I wasn't sure she had the ability to make it happen. After spending two weeks with her on the set of "The Next Internet Millionaire" reality show, I can say with no reservations that Jaime has everything she needs to succeed on her own! I was privileged to read a pre-release copy of this book and am pleased to say that Jaime over delivers in every way. Not only does she recount the behind-the-scenes events of being on a reality show, but she demonstrates her aptitude for learning as she communicates many life and business lessons that she picked up while on location in Colorado. This book is PACKED with useful tips and strategies expertly woven together from some of the world's leading marketers. It's a fantastic read and I know others are going to enjoy it.

-- Joel Comm, host of The Next Internet Millionaire

"I Won Because I Paid Attention To 
What Went On Behind Closed Doors…"

It is true in Show Business...and it's true in the Internet Business...what goes on behind closed doors is often more important than what happens in front of the camera or at the negotiation table.

   It Is ALWAYS the Little Things That Make the Difference Between Winner and Runner Up... Just like a horse that wins by a nose takes the prize worth thousands more, so does the Internet Marketer who pays attention to the little things that went on behind closed doors…

  You will be the only ones (besides me and a couple of others who were there but didn't take good notes), to know what really was being taught.

  I won the race to becoming the Next Internet Millionaire behind closed doors and now you can too…it is all there in this book…even what the gurus don't want you to know because its made them millions. 

"EXPOSED! - The Critical Factors behind Highly Successful Internet Marketers"

Here are all the areas that you need to master in order to become an Internet Millionaire like me…

  • Organize and plan your time effectively. I learned from Mark Joyner about the laws of Simple.ology, an amazing time management system.

  • Design a world-class brand for your business. Armand Morin taught us how to design a professional and competitive brand and logo that will set you apart from your competition and up into the big leagues.

  • If nobody knows about your product, it doesn’t matter how amazing it is. I learned from Jeff Walker the secrets to launching your product successfully.

  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competition and attack. Ninja Marlon Sanders shared tips about offensive, flanking and guerrilla businesses.

  • If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what do you think that says about video? Mike Koenigs knows everything to know about online video and he shared it all with the Next Internet Millionaire group.

  • Infect, infect, infect. Create an advertising campaign that goes “viral”. Mike Filsaime and Dave Taylor taught us about Web 2.0, butterfly marketing, social networks, etc. and how to make the most of them to get traffic to your site and get your product noticed.

  • Bad copy kills companies. Ray Edwards shared his 15 key secrets on how to write a winning sales letter.

  • Blogging is an excellent way to get new content on your website.

  • The 80/20 rule of thumb. Perry Marshall shows how marketing dollars are often misspent.

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"Buy Today And You'll Be Rewarded 
With Some Great Bonus Gifts From
Some Great People...CHECK IT OUT..."

Buy this book and we'll make sure you get the following must-have bonus gifts:

Jaime Luchuck Act Now and You'll Receive My Bonus Gift, Something Extra-Special As My Way of Saying THANK YOU to ALL Of My Friends and Supporters...

The Internet Millionaire Workbook is Step 2 to the book, From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire. The workbook goes further into the information and asks you pointed questions that make you think about WHO you are and WHAT you want for your future... and sets you on the HOW path.

Jaime Luchuck, author of "From Cubicle Slave 
to the Next Internet Millionaire" 

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The seminar is broken up into 7 parts for better understanding and easier consumption of the material discussed. I took the time to strategically include only what you need to know at this stage of the business.

My heart is to equip you with the proper mindset and positioning to succeed in your future endeavors.  Here is what you get from the seminar...Transcripts - They are in PDF format and can be printed and read at your leisure. MP3s - You can easily download the seminar onto your favorite MP3 player or burn it to a CD and listen to it anytime.   
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These interviews were conducted in early 2007 for an exclusive live teleseminar audience, and some of them have not been heard in public since.
Now the wrappers are coming off as Heather Vale, also known as "The Unwrapper" for her revealing style of questioning, unwraps both the interviews and the interviewees.
Listen in as she unwraps Mike Filsaime on viral marketing, Joel Comm on making money with Google AdSense, Perry Marshall on using Google AdWords, and Jeff Walker on product launches.
All four of these teachers were also featured on the show, "The Next Internet Millionaire", and now you can hear them speak indepth on their topics of expertise.

Heather Vale, Internet Marketing Unwrapped

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Two hours after the Video Podcast Version of "The Next Internet Millionaire" was announced, it was a Top Ten Video Podcast in Apple iTunes. In this special Webinar for customers of "From Cubicle Slave to Next Internet Millionaire," Paul Colligan will explain and show the steps you can take to get your top ten Podcast. Part 1 - How Joel did it / Part 2 - How you can do the same. Attend the event live or, of course, get your copy via video Podcast.

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